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Archive News

Meadowbrook UMC Archives room is ready to go! We’re ready to start categorizing, filing any and all records connected to Meadowbrook UMC.

I know there have been questions about what that means and why are the Archives going to be at Poly. We are going to be preserving and cataloging original documents, photographs, computer records and other Meadowbrook artifacts to ensure they are not lost, destroyed or forgotten. Nothing is going to be thrown away, or locked away. We are simply trying to ensure records are organized, and stored in a safe place where they can be kept from deteriorating and are accessible when needed.

Archives need to be in a secure, climate-control room without windows. At Meadowbrook campus, there is no such room available on a permanent basis. At the Poly campus, we have four rooms which meet that description. One room is the Archives office and workroom, one is Poly Archives, one is Meadowbrook Archives and one will be Meadowbrook-Poly Archives. Having all the Archives in one building makes the most efficient use of our time and money. Everything in one place means not spending time going from one building to the other, not having 2 sets of supplies including shelving, acid free boxes, and file folders and being able to access records from any of the Archives easily.

We want to use the Heritage room as a conference room and a place to have the history of both churches displayed.

Now that we have the space ready for Meadowbrook Archives, we are asking if you have any paper items relating in any way to Meadowbrook UMC that you do not want or need, we would love to have them. You can drop them off at the Meadowbrook-Poly office or contact me, Lynne Elliott, and I will arrange to have a contactless pickup. We are looking for records like bulletins, newsletters, financial reports, committee minutes, photographs (labeled if possible), and anything about any organizations associated in any way to Meadowbrook UMC. If you are not sure if we want something, ask Mary Strom, Jean Traster or me. You are welcome to visit anytime, let us know when and someone will be there to unlock doors and show you around.

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