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Ecclesiastes - A Wisdom Study

Ecclesiastes - A Wisdom Study

The Bible, like a library, is filled with different sorts of books. We find poetry, the good news of Christ, apocalyptic literature, histories, law and letters. It also contains "wisdom" literature intended to teach us how to live our lives faithfully and well, aligned with God's purposes for us.

2021 is a great year to look more deeply at the Bible's wisdom.

“We will be starting with Ecclesiastes because it is most familiar to many of us,” Pastor Ginger Watson said. “I bet almost all of us can sing, ‘To everything, turn, turn, turn . . .’.”

There are two ways to participate. First, Pastor Ginger will post a video on our Facebook page on Wednesdays. She will also offer a zoom class on Wednesdays at 11am. Both of these options begin on January 13.

If you would like to be in the Zoom class, please email Pastor Ginger or call the church office right away. The Bible has wisdom to give us; let's explore it together.

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